SEUT Preferences

The SEUT Preferences hold the paths to external tools as well as all options for the addon’s auto updater. It can be accessed by going through Edit --> Preferences... --> Add-ons where it is listed as Scene: Space Engineers Utilities.



Update Status

This displays the current update status of the addon. By default it links to all SEUT releases on GitHub, but if an update is available, it will show up red and link to the specific new release.

Blender Addon Updater

If the Blender Addon Updater is installed, a different panel will be displayed in this spot, allowing you to update SEUT with but a few clicks to newer versions.

Game Directory

This is the install directory of Space Engineers. SEUT will use it to source the current textures from that are to be converted into a Blender-readable format.


Update Textures from Game Files

This button runs the automatic texture conversion which will compare the already converted textures with the ones in the game directory. If updates are detected in the game directory, the updated textures will be converted and placed in the asset directory.

Asset Directory

This is the folder where SEUT will place all relevant assets for the usage of the addon, such as the converted texture files and the prepared Blender Space Engineers Materials.


This displays the current status of the SEUT assets and allows for easy updating if needed.


This displays the current status of the MWMBuilder and allows for easy updating if needed.

External Tools

Havok Standalone Filter Manager

This is the tool that SEUT uses to export models to the intermediary HKT-format cotnaining the collision model. This path should point at the Havok Standalone Filter Manager that is downloaded and installed as part of the  Setup Guide and listed in the  download-section.

SEUT Panels

Quick Tools

Enables or disables the Quick Tools panel - an assortment of shortcuts for modelling SE objects.

Animation Panel

Enables or disables the Animation panels - animation setup and export for the AnimationEngine framework.