This section is about the tool itself as well as its developers.


Hi, I’m enenra. With the help of a ton of people, many of them listed below, I’ve created SEUT.

Before starting work on the tool, I’d been working with 3DsMax as well as Harag’s old tool (and Balmung’s fork of it). While 3DsMax seemed to work best for me, it still wasn’t exactly ideal and even though I preferred it over using Blender 2.79, I was still sorely missing a lot of the functionality that Harag had added into his plugin to make the creation of models for Space Engineers much more streamlined.

With Blender 2.8 released in 2019, I took another look at the application and immediately felt the difference in usability. Unfortunately, Harag’s plugin would’ve needed a major rewrite to be converted for use in 2.8 and that just wasn’t going to happen. As a result, I looked into the possibilities for writing a new addon for 2.8 and was surprised by how seemingly easy it seemed to set up. Then the features I wanted to implement just piled on and eventually exceeded my abiliy, which is when Stollie stepped in and took over most of the export-related code. (The most important part, really.)

Well, three months went by and the project grew to more than 15k lines of code and here we are. It’s pretty much done and while there will always be more to tweak and improve, it’s been tested thoroughly and is ready for a full release. SEUT has been a great project and an amazing learning experience for both Stollie and me, and while I’m not sure I would’ve committed to it had I known that it’d consume my life for a solid two of those three months, I don’t regret it at all.


  • Stollie - So much general help but also writing everything character, export and MWM-related, which I wouldn’t have been able to do at all.

  • Harag - Writing the original Blender SE plugin. A lot of code in this addon is based on his.

  • Wizard Lizard - For hours of testing as well as writing the SE Texture Converter to save us all from having to deal with batch files.

  • Kamikaze (Blender Discord) - Writing the remapMaterials()-function and generally helping out constantly by answering a lot of questions.

… and many, many more.