Space Engineers Utilities

Space Engineers Utilities (SEUT) is an addon for Blender version 3.0 and higher. It allows the user to export models into the Space Engineers MWM file-format and provides an extensive set of functionalities to create such a model in the first place.



  • Full Blender 3.0+ support using collections to organize models.

  • Simple Navigation to easily edit models one collection at a time.

  • Robust error handling and extensive feedback to help you avoid issues further down the road and inform you if and what is the problem.

  • Full support for multiple scenes per BLEND file.

  • Set the grid scale to preset Space Engineers values to easily see the size of your model.

  • Get notified of updates to the addon via update notifications.


  • Use Bounding Box Mode to define the bounding box of your model.

  • Mirroring Mode allows for easy setup of mirroring for blocks.

  • By using Mountpoint Mode the user can define the mountpoints on a block in a straightforward manner.

  • Use Icon Render Mode to easily create icons for your blocks in the style of vanilla Space Engineers blocks.


  • Import Space Engineers FBX files through the addon to automatically display its materials in Blender.

  • Structure Conversion functionality allows for easy conversion of BLEND files created with the old 2.7x plugin to the new format.


  • Displays most vanilla Space Engineers materials directly in Blender.

  • Contains Material Libraries with most vanilla materials, ready to apply to new models.

  • Create your own Space Engineers materials.

  • Create your own Material Libraries.


  • Subparts are instanced into other scenes to show how the model will look ingame.

  • Easily create and manage empties for different purposes by selecting from exhaustive lists.


  • Define a RescaleFactor to easily export to various sizes.

  • Define LOD Distances to set from which distance your LOD models are displayed.

  • Export simultaneously to large and small grids.

  • Directly export to MWM-format, ready to be loaded into the game.

  • Additional definitions are exported to a CubeBlocks file.

  • Full support for creating character models and character poses & animations.


Please find the SEUT Installation Guide here.