Mountpoint Tutorial

This tutorial teaches you how to set up mountpoints for blocks. Mountpoints define, which part of your block another block can be attached to. For example, catwalk blocks cannot be attached to on the empty side of their block.

I. Set up Mountpoints

Update the Bounding Box of your scene to completely encompass your model.

Activate Mountpoint Mode through the SEUT Main Panel.

Select and modify the turquoise planes that are placed around your model in Blender’s Object Mode. These are the Mountpoint Areas, of which there can be multiple per Mountpoint SideSides are represented by the empties spawned around your model - Areas are parented to them. The empties should not be moved. You can move, scale and delete Mountpoint Areas but if they reach over the sides of the bounding box, the excess is trimmed on save.

Rotation of Mountpoint Areas is not saved as SEUT uses the bounding box of the area to save its size. There is no real way to properly define diagonal mountpoint areas of any kind for Space Engineers, as such SEUT does not support it either.

You can also add more Mountpoint Areas to a Mountpoint Side by using the Add Area-button in the Main Panel with the respective side’s empty selected. There is no hard limit on the amount of Areas you can add per Side, but too many will have a negative effect on performance.

Deactivate Mountpoint Mode to save the values. On export, the results will be written into the generated SBC-file.


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