SEUT Notifications

The SEUT Notifications screen displays all notifications generated by SEUT. It sorts them into the three types INFO, WARNING and ERROR, for which you can filter the displayed notifications.


SEUT Notifications

Clear Notifications

This button clears all currently stored notifications.

Export SEUT Logs

This button exports the contents of the Blender System Console into a LOG file and opens the Windows Explorer on the location the file is placed.


Unticking any of the notification icons will filter that type of notification out of the displayed list. Note that this doesn’t clear the notifications that are hidden. Re-enabling them will restore all of them.


Every entry is marked with the notification type, its ID as well as a timestamp. Errors are marked in red and list a button, which will open up a page on this website that describes the cause of the error and possible fixes.

Toggle System Console

Should an error or issue not be listed in this screen, it might still be listed in the Blender System Console. This button opens it.