Create MatLib Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a SEUT MatLib which serves as a holder for custom materials used in multiple BLEND-files.

I. Setup & Creation

First off, the way the SEUT MatLibs are generally set up is with spheres that display each material contained within the MatLib. This makes it easier for users to find and select the material they want. But this can be any type of mesh really. Either way, create an object to assign the material to.

Create your material by referencing the  Material Creation Tutorial or by using Blenders File --> Append-functionality to import the material into the file.

Assign your material to the mesh used to display materials in your MatLib.

Repeat this process for as many materials as you would like this MatLib to contain.

II. Asset Setup

Right click your materials on the material list of the object each is assigned to and use Mark as Asset. This will add your material to the Asset Browser.

III. Export & Save

Don’t forget to place the DDS texture files for all the materials you use on a model in that model’s mod!


How to create a SEUT MatLib